Asfaltos Uribe, S.A. was born from the continuation of Sabino Uribe Bilbao in 1933 in the field of Mastic Asphalt Paving, Public Works and Buildings. The company was founded on the first of April 1980.

Services offered by the business are contained in three main areas:

Asphalt concrete paving:
We manufacture, supply and apply hot-mix and coloured asphalt.

Mastic Asphalt Paving:
We manufacture, supply and apply mastic asphalt for industrial paving, sports zones, anti-dust applications, underground car parks, non-slip ramps, slurries, etc.

Public Works:
In addition to the manufacture and application of bituminous mixes for pavings, we have the experience, human resources and techniques for:

  • Exterior and interior urbanisations.
  • Construction of streets and roads.
  • Construction, Conservation and Repair of all types of project.

Asfaltos Uribe is today a point of reference in the sector for government administrations, public and private companies, neighbourhood communities and private individuals. We are backed by the quality of our work, the training and commitment of our personnel and the satisfaction of our customers.

Asfaltos Uribe holds the following certificates

  • Quality Management System Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Environmental Management System Certificate UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004
  • “CE” marking declaration of conformity or declaration of performance.

Asfaltos Uribe, S.A. has their own department for the design of asphalt formulae in order to meet customer requirements.

The different types of bituminous mixtures, manufactured in our production centres, are certified in accordance with European legislation: UNE EN 13.108/1, for hot bituminous mixtures, UNE EN 13.108/2, bituminous mixtures for very thin layers and UNE EN 13.108.7, porous bituminous mixtures. The mixtures are tested in accordance with 12.697 standards.

All our suppliers are approved by the company in accordance with our quality plan, and are required to provide quality management certificates, and the ”CE” marking for the raw materials, the tests on their products, and other parameters that may be required by current legislation.

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Asfaltos Uribe is associated with

Asfaltos Uribe

The company is associated with:

ASCOVI / BIEBA (Vizcaya Builders' Association / Bizkaiko Etxegileen Bazkuna)

CEBEK (Bizkaia Business Confederation / Bizkaiko Enpresarien Konfederazioa)

BIDEAK RECYCLING (Association for the research and development of mixtures for paving and roads)

HELTZEN FUNDAZIOA (Basque Foundation for Road Safety)

ASNAFU (National Association of Mastic Asphalt)

A.E.A. (European Mastic Asphalt Association)

It is registered in the Registry of Classified Companies as:

Works Contractor, No 06486R, in the maximum classifications and categories including the manufacture and laying of bituminous mixes and road conservation. Services Contractor, No 39675R..

Both issued by the Advisory Board for Public Contracting for the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance.

It is also registered in the "Registry of Accredited Companies" (REA) of the construction sector with number 15/48/0003190.